Patents and Innovation

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McNair Topic Area
Patents and Innovation
Thomas Edison2-crop.jpg
Thomas Edison, American Inventor Holding the Most Patents in the World
Primary Information
Topic Area Name Patents and Innovation
Team Members Marcela Interiano, Albert Nabiullin
Primary Billing Dr. Edward Egan
Keywords Patent, Policy, Innovation, Patent-Troll, Reform, Acts, Prize System, Thicket, Pool
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The McNair Center Topic Area on Patents and Innovation reports on the current issues facing America's patent system and works to explain critical terminology. In addition to providing basic information on patent institutions, the project specifically investigates current and proposed reform acts and the effects of patent trolling in litigation.

Project Outline

Completed Work

Works in Progress

  • An Issue Brief on Patent Trolls exploring their role in patent activity and litigation in America. Additionally, the paper expounds several hypotheses regarding the definition of a patent troll and the efficacy of reform legislation.
  • A Patent Thicket Literature Review seeking to formally define the term patent thicket by analyzing and condensing the seven proposed definitions.
  • A public Wiki Page on Innovation Policy providing information on patent institutions and current criticism of the American patent system as well as describes proposed patent reform legislation.

Future Work