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This page is part of the Patent Thicket Litature Review


This page contains the Non-Up Group Filename list. Filenames should be added to this list when files in the PTLR Up Group Candidate Filename page are determined to be non-UP group files.

The Non-Up Group Filename List

Down Group

Add files that should be included in the down group here:

Grindley Teece (1997) - Licensing And Cross Licensing In Semiconductors And Electronics.pdf
Heller (1998) - The Tragedy Of The Anticommons.pdf
Merges (1996) - Contracting Into Liability Rules.pdf

The following files may also be in the down group. In particular they might provide background models or background facts.

Hall (2005) - Exploring The Patent Explosion.pdf - No Mention of Patent Thickets
McAfee Mialon Williams (2004) - What Is A Barrier To Entry.pdf
Menezes Pitchford (2004) - A Model Of Seller Holdout.pdf
Packalen (2010) - Complements And Potential Competition.pdf
Palangkaraya Webster Jensen (2011) - Misclassification Between Patent Offices.pdf
Quillen Webster (2001) - Continuing Patent Applications And Performance Of The Us Patent And Trademark Office.pdf
Sanyal Jaffe Sanyal (2005) - Peanut Butter Patents Versus The New Economy.pdf
Scheffman Higgins (2003) - Twenty Years Of Raising Rivals Costs History Assessment And Future.pdf - Mentioned Once but not really noted in the paper. Neutral

Core Group

Add files that should be included in the core group here:

Siebert VonGraevenitz (2006) - Jostling For Advantage Licensing And Entry Into Patent Portfolio Races.pdf