PHDBA602 (Theory of the Firm)

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PHDBA602 is a (for credit) Directed Studies course, that doctoral students can use to develop their own courses with a professor. This page provides information about a directed study course with Steve Tadelis on that centers arounds models that provide theories of the firm.


The format is:

  • One, perhaps two, models per class
  • One class per week, with a timeslot TBD.
  • The student will write up the model ahead of time (on this wiki)
  • The class will be used to:
    • Discuss intricacies of the model
    • Discuss modelling choices, with a view to helping the student understand how to build models
    • Place the model in the context of the broader literature


General Overviews

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  • Holmstrom, Bengt R. and Jean Tirole (1989), "Chapter 2 The theory of the firm", In: Richard Schmalensee and Robert Willig, Editor(s), Handbook of Industrial Organization, Elsevier, Volume 1, Pages 61-133. pdf

Background Literature

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  • Coase, Ronald (1937), "The Nature of the Firm", Economica. pdf (stub)

Transaction Cost Economics

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Property Rights Model

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Relational Contracting

Firm Boundaries