PHDBA279S (Spring 2011)

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PHDBA279S is the PhD in BPP Research Seminar, generally known as the BPP Student Seminar. It is a weekly seminar where students present their research to other students in the group. This is a required seminar for BPP students in the 2nd year and above. For Spring 2011 Steve Tadelis will be the supervising faculty member.

There is an "official version" of this page, that the faculty can access. It is not important to keep the two syncronized. We can post the "final" results of the exploration that will take place on this page to that page once we are done.

Class Details

The class is as follows:

  • Thursdays from 12:30pm to 2pm.
  • In F555
  • With Steve Tadelis
  • Starting 20th January (Instruction formally begins Tuesday January 18th) and ending April 28th (classes formally end Friday April 29th)
  • Thurs 24th March is listed in the Official Academic Calendar as Spring Break
  • By tradition/convention the presenter brings "classy" chocolate for all to share

Who is Presenting

A list of all BPP students is here. Note that there are 14 current BPP students in years 2 through 6, and 14 slots. However, Job Market candidates, other than Dylan, will be sharing a slot, or a slot will be used for the job market recap.

Schedule of Classes


  • Thurs 20th January - No Class
  • Thurs 27th January - No Class
  • Thurs 3rd February - Orie
  • Thurs 10th February - Tarek
  • Thurs 17th February - Neil
  • Thurs 24th February - Ed
  • Thurs 3rd March - Vito
  • Thurs 10th March - Dylan
  • Thurs 17th March - Pablo
  • Thurs 24th March - SPRING BREAK
  • Thurs 31st March - Amy
  • Thurs 7th April - Sharat
  • Thurs 14th April - Bo
  • Thurs 21st April - Lucy
  • Thurs 28th April - Job Market Recap (or 5th/6th years)

New Institutions

Following a BPP student group meeting with Steve Tadelis, we have collectively (and with the faculty) agreed a new institution for the presentation order at the Student Seminar. This is detailed here:


As always, please feel free to discuss anything on the Discussion Page.