PHDBA279S (Fall 2010)

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PHDBA279S is the PhD in BPP Research Seminar, generally known as the BPP Student Seminar. It is a weekly seminar where students present their research to other students in the group. This is a required seminar for BPP students in the 2nd year and above. For Fall 2010 Ernesto Dal Bo will be the supervising faculty member.

There is an "official version" of this page, that the faculty can access. It is not important to keep the two syncronized. We can post the "final" results of the exploration that will take place on this page to that page once we are done.

Class Details

The class is as follows:

  • Thursdays from 12:30pm to 2pm - This time slot is final.
  • In F555
  • With Ernesto Dal Bo
  • Starting 2nd Sept (Instruction formally begins Thurs Aug 26th) and ending Dec 2nd (classes formally end 3rd Dec)
  • Thurs 11th Nov and Thurs 25th Nov are listed in the Calender as Academic/Administrative Holidays
  • By tradition/convention the presenter brings "classy" chocolate for all to share

Priority for Scheduling

The order of priority for scheduling is:

  • Sixth Years
  • Fifth Years
  • Fourth Years
  • Third Years
  • Second Years

Please add yourself (first name only will do) in to any date that you would like to present, noting that the priority above applies. Within years it is first-come-first-served (yes there is a history function to check!). During the first class we will have a clearance. But if you feel sure that you have a date (i.e. because you are a sixth year, or fifth year and Justin has already chosen, or all fifth years have decided and you are a fourth year, and so on by induction) you can turn your name bold. A list of all BPP students is here.

Note that there are 14 current BPP students in years 2 through 6, and only 12 slots. So we will have to resolve this somehow. One possibility, as is tradition, is that the second years share a (possibly extended since there are 3) slot. Another possibility is to add another class. See the Discussion Page (note the tab up the top) for a conversation on this!

Schedule of Classes

  • Thurs 2nd Sept - Ed
  • Thurs 9th Sept - No Class
  • Thurs 16th Sept - Justin
  • Thurs 23rd Sept - Pablo
  • Thurs 30th Sept - Sharon
  • Thurs 7th Oct - Bryan
  • Thurs 14th Oct - Dylan
  • Thurs 21st Oct - Neil
  • Thurs 28th Oct - Orie
  • Thurs 4th Nov - Bo, Lucy and Tarek
  • Thurs 11th Nov - No Class
  • Thurs 18th Nov - Vito
  • Thurs 25th Nov - No Class
  • Thurs 2nd Dec - Sharat
  • Thurs 9th Dec - Amy

It appears that the presentation list is now final. The "official version" of this page have been updated accordingly, and Ernesto has been informed.

Scheduling Conflicts

It seems that the scheduled class time DOES CONFLICT for some students. Conflicts include ARE213 and others. See the Discussion Page for more information and to add your thoughts!