Meghana Gaur (Work Log)

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Fall 2017

Meghana Gaur Work Logs (log page)

2017-12-1: worked with ed to build tables with firm/portco data on distance and fund/portco data on performance

2017-11-16: finished calculating great circle distances between firms, portco's, and branch offices (look at roundlinewithgcd table)

2017-11-14: worked on getting all roundline tables down to the firm level, instead of fund; running into small problems with calculating gcd between firms and portco's (will discuss with Ed)

2017-11-14: worked on joining ipo information to roundline; aggregated ipo information to the fund level (rather than fund)

2017-11-09: reloaded firm coords and also fund coords - re-building roundlinewithgcd (code is written, but fund coords weren't correctly loaded, so this code will be re-run), wrote code for fundtofirms and portcotofirms, but this code will be re-run once the firm codes are correctly loaded; working on joining portcoexitmaster to roundlinejoinerlean

2017-11-08: loaded roundlinewithgcd table (calculating gcd between portcos and funds), created GCD example with notes in datawork folder in MatchingEntrepsToVCs, worked on building portcostofirms

2017-11-07: loaded portcocoords table, joined portcocoords to roundlinejoinerlean, calculate gcd distance between funds and portco's, work on joining funds to firms

2017-11-03: loaded table/sql script for firms office locations into vcdb2 with latitude and longitude coordinates; joined coordinates to all clean base tables for firms, funds, branch offices, joined co and fund coordinates to roundlinejoinerlean in new table: roundlinecoords

2017-11-02: met with Ed; loaded tables/sql script for branch office and fund office locations into vcdb2 with latitude and longitude coordinates

2017-10-27: come up with next steps for matching firms to funds - for geocoding branch offices

2017-10-26: update VC Database Rebuild wiki; identify key for bocore table; verify that fundbasecore table was correctly cleaned after being being rebuilt by Ed

2017-10-24: met with Ed to discuss firmbase and branch office tables; find key for firmbasecore table; remove undisclosed firms from both firmbasecore and bocore

2017-10-12: peer edit and put Shelby's blog post into Wordpress; see what needs to be done on VC project; continue literature review for matching models

2017-10-11: finished loading tables (firmbase and branchoffice)

2017-10-6: load data using SQL code into tables, which is on Retrieving US VC Data From SDC

2017-09-29: completed pulling/normalizing data, still need to load data using SQL code into tables, which is on Retrieving US VC Data From SDC

2017-09-28: met with Ed, worked on pulling firm and branch office data from SDC

2017-09-22: join portcos and funds; and begin literature review of matching games/venture capital (located in "Matching Entreps to VC's project folder" on E drive."

2017-09-21: work with Ed on research project

2017-09-19: continue to work on joining portcoexits and roundlinejoiner tables in vcdb2, in MatchingEntrepsToVC folder under project management

2017-09-15: work on joining portcoexits and roundlinejoiner; create txt file called "Notes on Matching Funds to portcos" in the "Matching Entreps to VC's project folder" on E drive.

2017-09-14: build table roundlinejoinerapprop (appropriate the funds between funds; work on joining portcoexits and roundlinejoiner)

2017-09-27: rebuild portcoexits and work on apportioning amounts in roundlinejoiner

2017-09-07: work with Ed to familiarize with SQL script for VC project/vcdb2 database

2017-09-05: receive project from Ed; reacquaint with wiki, RDP, etc.

Spring 2017

2017-04-12: finish weekly roundup

2017-04-11: start weekly roundup

2017-04-03: finish weekly roundup

2017-04-02: start weekly roundup

2017-03-30: finish weekly roundup

2017-03-28: continue working on weekly roundup

2017-03-27: Finish project page for weekly rounudp, create wiki form for all legislation wiki pages with Ramee, begin weekly roundup

2017-03-21: Create project page on wiki for weekly roundup, finish weekly roundup

2017-03-20: Create Weekly Roundup

2017-03-09: finish weekly roundup post

2017-03-07: continue weekly roundup post

2017-03-06: start weekly roundup post

2017-03-03: finish weekly roundup post

2017-02-28: continue weekly roundup blog post

2017-02-27: start weekly roundup post

2017-02-23: finish weekly roundup blog post

2017-02-21: continue weekly roundup blog post

2017-02-20: Start weekly roundup blog post

2017-02-16: Publish weekly roundup blog post

2017-02-14: continue weekly roundup blog post

2017-02-13: Start weekly roundup blog post

2017-02-02: Finish weekly roundup blog post

2017-02-01: Work on weekly roundup blog post

2017-01-30: Work on weekly roundup blog post

2017-01-26: Finish on weekly roundup blog post

2017-01-24: Work on weekly roundup blog post

2017-01-23: Work on weekly roundup blog post

Fall 2016

2017-11-29: work on Accelerator project; add content for Weekly Roundup

2017-11-18: publish weekly roundup

2017-11-17: finish content for Weekly roundup; edit Tay's blog post

2017-11-16: work on content for Weekly roundup

2017-11-15:weekly roundup 11/18; work on FTC merger/non-merger acquisitions actions spreadsheet

2017-11-10: put weekly roundups into wordpress

2017-11-09: finish weekly roundup content

2017-11-08: work on weekly roundup entrepreneurship

2017-11-04: finalize roundup; edit ACA posts

2017-11-03: SQL training; Edit weekly roundup post

2017-11-02: finish Weekly roundup post

2017-11-01: edit Avesh's blog post; draft weekly round-up post

2017-10-27: edit Eliza's blog post, work on weekly round-up, and attend SQL training with Ed

2017-10-26: finish editing ACA articles, submit Tay for peer editing

2017-10-25: draft first weekly round-up post

2017-10-24: meet with Avesh, Anne, and Ed to discuss weekly roundup blog post

2017-10-21: Attend blogger's meeting. Incorporate Anne's edits to ACA articles; add information to education innovation summary

2017-10-19: finish dividing two ACA articles; help edit wiki pages for small business development ecosystem; work on education innovation summary

2017-10-18: find tweets, re-write descriptions for small business resources

2017-10-14: finish ACA article

2017-10-13: work on finding tweet material, edit ACA post, and look into education/innovation blog post

2017-10-12: work on trimming down ACA blog post

2017-10-11: Continue editing ACA blog post, incorporating Anne's comments

2017-10-10: Work on ACA blog post, adding sources

2017-10-07: work on carried interest research, find tweets, edit ACA article

2017-10-06: Add information on resources wiki pages for SBDE project

2017-10-05: Research info on organizations for SBDE project

2017-09-28: Work on govtrack bill table on Innovation Policy Page

2017-09-27: upload ACA to wiki; talk to Ed/Anne about new project (VC carried interest; bill analysis on 6 innovation bills)

2017-09-23: finish ACA; send over to Anne

2017-09-22: work on ACA health care article

2017-09-21: Look for more material/data for health care article, specifically related to election 2016; find a tweet

2017-09-20: Finish editing health care article (include sources), re-share with Anne; look into possible articles on women in small business; look over Dylan's ACA and entrepreneurship article

2017-09-15: Work on editing health care document (incorporating edits from Ann); look up women in entrepreneurship research topics

2017-09-14: Research viable subjects for health care innovation, role of health care regulation in 2016 election for articles. Submit two twitter articles. Review Accenture health articles.

2017-09-13: Finish up editing old ACA article (share with Anne), work on ACA/candidates article, submit two tweets for twitter channel

2017-09-09:Set up blog post in google docs (on health care and small businesses, and health care and the election) to share with Anne and Dylan

2017-09-08: Twitter meeting with Anne, Albert, Carlin, Ramee, and Avesh; Resolve RDP issue; figure out new project plan, look at new developments with health care and small business (look at Dylan's edits to health care/innovation)

2017-09-07: Reviewed blog posts, searched possible blog topics, looked up articles for twitter. Will try to resolve issues with RDP on Wednesday.

2017-09-06: Set up bio page, work logs, looked at blog posts