John Kasich (Health Policy)

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Kasich | Health Policy | (section page)

Reform Entitlement Programs:

The cost of entitlement programs like Medicaid and Medicare are growing uncontrollably and must be fundamentally reformed to reduce their growth rates and become more efficient while still providing the services that Americans want and need.

  • Medicaid: Providing per-member per-month allocations to the states, along with the flexibility to innovate and tailor their programs to their individual health care markets, can help hold Medicaid’s spending growth to 3 percent annually.
  • Medicare: Increasing care coordination through Medicare Advantage, as well as other changes like reforming payment practices to increase value and quality, can help restrain Medicare spending to an average of 5.3 percent annually.
  • Social Security: Social Security’s fiscal health is deteriorating rapidly and it will soon be unable to meet its obligations to retirees. John Kasich’s balanced budget framework does not include changes to Social Security or its benefits to achieve balance, nor does it include the costs of filling Social Security’s deficits. As President he will lead a bipartisan Paid for by Kasich for America, 2 effort to assemble the best ideas from the various reform plans that have been proposed to preserve its solvency. Most important, he will draw upon his experience as a reformer to bring people together and lead them to have the courage we need to save this important program for America’s seniors.