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Keep Energy Affordable And Reliable by Pursuing All Sources of Energy:

Diversifying our energy supply is the best strategy for economic growth. Government policies that encourage or discourage energy from any single source are economically counterproductive.

  • Increase energy from all sources: More energy from oil and gas, nuclear, coal, alternatives and renewables and emerging technologies will provide the affordable, reliable energy our economy needs.
  • Conservation is an energy source: The cheapest, cleanest energy is the energy we never have to produce. Efficiency and conservation are fundamentally conservative strategies for increasing energy supplies and should be pursued.


Achieve Energy Independence:

Sourcing all our energy from North America and eliminating our reliance on overseas energy makes America safer and stronger.

  • Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline: Increasing access to the oil produced along this new pipeline’s route only reduces our need for imported oil.
  • Tapping more energy resources from federal land: Increasing access to oil and gas production on our nation’s vast system of non-sensitive public lands, when guided by responsible management plans, supports the goal of energy independence, and can be done safely with proper environmental protections.


Use Common Sense In Energy Regulation:

Washington assumes authority that does not exist in pursuit of reckless regulations that will kill jobs. John Kasich will bring common sense and science to energy regulation in order to properly balance environmental stewardship and job creation.

  • Scrap extreme regulations like the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan: This extreme regulatory proposal will drive needed electrical generation offline before it can be replaced. It will also force costly and unnecessary controls on remaining plants that will drive up electricity costs and make entire economic sectors uncompetitive. It must be scrapped and not replaced. Regulations on energy production which are counterproductive, extreme should be repealed. Paid for by Kasich for America, 2
  • Keep fracking regulations at the state level: Most states have strong regulations for hydraulic fracturing, and efforts by Washington to heap extra regulations on the industry would be costly and counterproductive. States that meet quality benchmarks should be allowed to regulate hydraulic fracturing themselves without job-killing federal interference.
  • Overturn the ban on U.S. oil exports: Given the increased production of American oil and gas, we can and should end the artificial, counterproductive market distortion of the ban on U.S. oil and gas exports.


Encourage Research In New Technologies:

Both the economy and environment benefit from technological breakthroughs. High-capacity, long-life batteries; fuel cells; the high-efficiency “smart” electricity grid; clean coal and other technologies can help improve the environment, increase efficiency and conserve energy. Unreasonable barriers to their development should be identified and removed to help make them a reality. (JKWE)


Stewardship of the environment is nothing less than a moral obligation -- because God made it and gave it to us to properly manage. It will be part of the bequest we make to our children and grandchildren. We should take care of it. If we intend to provide a better life, and a better world, for future generations, we can’t ignore the quality of the environment we leave them. (Source: Speech to National Environmental Policy Institute, 4/27/9 , Apr 27, 1999)

For nearly 30 years, we have behaved as if protecting the environment was somehow at odds with the economic growth and prosperity that also are so important to us. This is a false and dangerous dichotomy; it forces unnecessary divisions between those who want to protect the environment and those who want economic progress. [We must get past] the “us- versus-them” rhetoric.. Economic progress and environmental conservation can and must go hand in hand for the sake of this generation and the next. (Source: Speech to National Environmental Policy Institute, 4/27/9 , Apr 27, 1999)

Note: These quotes are both from 1999