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Established in 1999, the Houston Technology Center (HTC) is a technology focused business incubator and accelerator, serving the Houston Metropolitan area. The non-profit organization aims to help emerging technology companies grow and move towards commercialization by providing them with in-depth strategic and tactical business guidance, fundraising advice, and connecting them to opportunities, allies, and capital. It is the largest technology business incubator and accelerator in Texas, and its mission is to enable and accelerate the growth of emerging technology companies for the purpose of creating jobs and promoting economic development in the greater Houston area. http://www.netgear.com/images/pdf/Houston%20Tech%20Center_Layout_v3.pdf

Though its function includes networking events, seminars, showcases and forums, it’s efforts are focused mostly on its #Client Acceleration Program. Which is HTC’s acceleration program, taking in 60 companies at a time for one to two years at a time. Clients can also become advanced clients, entailing another year of mentorship but with the requirement that they are ready to start raising capital and/or generating revenue. HTC’s focus lies in taking clients from these sectors: energy, information technology, life sciences, nanotechnology, and NASA/aerospace.

Client Acceleration Program

The overall objective of the HTC Client Acceleration Program is to aid clients in formulating a compelling business proposition in order to prepare them to generate revenue or raise capital. HTC Clients work with an Acceleration Director who guides them in developing and executing their business strategy to achieve their individual goals.  HTC provides introductions to advisors, funders, and customers through networking opportunities and events. HTC aims for Clients to graduate with sustainable revenues, a credible team, a validated product and a compelling story. Each company is treated individually according to their position in the Acceleration Pathway and their unique needs.  HTC facilitates the acceleration of companies in five components they recognize as imperative in a client’s maturity: Team, Market, Product, Finance and Infrastructure.   

The program itself will take in 60 different companies at a time. each at some different point along HTC’s acceleration pathway flowing from Applicant to Candidate to Client and then eventually to Advanced Client. To be an Applicant they ask that clients are compatible and ready, and they will receive brief coaching with an HTC acceleration director to map their vision as well as asses business readiness. A Candidate has passed this point and will have extended coaching with an Acceleration Director (up to six months), working during this time on their business plan and executive summary until they will face a screening committee. Being a full Client equates to around one to two years of individualized management consulting with an acceleration director as well as access to HTC’s pool of business advisors. Over these two years the Client will work on strategic planning and refinement of their business plan and pitch.

I milestone then separates a Client from an Advanced Client. To move to the distinction of Advanced Client, a client must be ready to start generating revenue and/or raising capitol. Being an Advanced Client represents approximately one more year of of individualized management consulting and access to the pool of business advisors, this time with a focus on execution of the business plan and connections with strategic partners.

Graduating represents positive cash flow, accrual of six months of revenue or sustainable working capital, and major liquidity or funding event (IPO, Merger/Acquisition, Grant).

Client Program Application

To Qualify:

⁃ A company headquartered in the Gulf Coast area

⁃ Be in one of HTC’s focus industries

⁃ Have proprietary, disruptive technology

⁃ Have potential to reach $30M by 5th year

⁃ Be willing to assemble appropriate management team


• $250 Application Fee

• If accepted as a client:

◦ 4% of Company's Ownership *


◦ 2.5% of Company's Ownership plus $1,500 per calendar year of Client Term*

* provide 20 year Warrant (exercisable upon liquidity event)


Board of Directors

Chairman: Paul K. Siegele, President, Energy Technology Company, Chevron Corporation

President & CEO: Walter Ulrich, Houston Technology Center

Vice Chairman: Tom Gros, President, NRG Distributed Generation

Executive Vice Chairman: Paul M. Frison, Houston Technology Center

Immediate Past Chair: Richard E. Williams, Loaned Executive to Wetlands International, Shell Oil Company ; Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr., CEO & Managing Director, Vesalius Ventures ; Maryanne Maldonado, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Houston Technology Center ; Richard M. Scruggs, Partner, Winston Sage Partners; President & CEO Salient Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ; Randall L. Walker, CEO of Houston Region, Bank of Texas http://www.houstontech.org/htc-board-of-directors/


HTC’s main headquarters consists of a pair of three-story, 50 thousand square-foot buildings. In addition to offices for HTC staff, the two buildings also include a conference center and event space from which the organization frequently hosts client and sponsor events. HTC also rents office space to several HTC members.

HTC - Main Campus:

410 Pierce Street

Houston, TX 77002

Maryanne Maldonado, BBM, MBA

Chief Operations Officer and Vice President 



HTC South Campus:

2101 NASA Parkway

Houston, TX 77058

Jane Lea Hicks

Acceleration Director HTC South 



HTC North Campus:

4800 Research Forest

The Woodlands, TX


Charles Wohl

Managing Director - HTC North



Notable Alumni

NanoRidge Materials: makes carbon nanotubes to make metal allows 10 times stronger than steel http://nanoridge.com/

Hydro Green Energy: produces hydro-electricity using the energy generated not by a dam but by the natural flow of a river or stream http://hgenergy.com/index.php


Bellicum Pharmaceuticals: focused on the development of next generation therapeutic vaccines http://www.bellicum.com/

Hispanic Teleservices Corporation: leading provider of outsourced customer care for the global Hispanic market http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=183908

Neohydro: patented electro oxidation technology that can be utilized to treat waste and other water for (re)use in multiple industries. Their primary focus is oil and gas exploration and production http://www.neohydro.com/neofrac

StarVision Technology: offers higher performing and more cost-effective products to the aerospace electro-optic and imaging markets where growth in unmanned systems and space asset is strong. http://www.starvisiontech.com/



Phone: (713) 658-1750 Fax: (713) 658-1744