Hillary Clinton (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

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Clinton's Entrepreneurship and Innovation (section page)

Hillary's four ways to jump start small business: http://www.inc.com/hillary-clinton/four-ways-to-jump-start-small-business.html

  1. Cut the red tape
  2. Expand access to capital
  3. Tax relief
  4. Expand access to new markets

"I want to be a small-business president, a president who does make it easier to start and run a small business in this country, so it seems less like a gamble and more like an opportunity. We have to level the playing field for our small businesses," Clinton said. [CNBC]

Support of Small Business

  • Cut red tape in process to start businesses (HCW - SB)
  • Provide tax relief and simplify tax filing (HCW - SB)
  • Encourage tapping of new markets (HCW - SB)
    • Use innovative new platforms so companies can sell anywhere in America and the world (e.g. Amazon and Ebay)
  • Improve access to capital by easing burdens on community banks (HCW - SB)
    • Easing burdens on community banks that provide credit to small-business owners and families looking to invest in their futures—without compromising protections for consumers or introducing new risks into the financial system


  • "One of the best ways to drive jobs and improve our nation’s competitiveness is to invest in infrastructure and scientific research." (HCW-AI)
  • "I understood that new technologies would reshape how we practiced diplomacy and development. We discussed how these tools were value-neutral. We had to act responsibly to maximize technology's benefits while minimizing the risks. Technology was opening up new avenues to solve problems and promote America's interests and values. We would focus on helping civil society across the world harness mobile technology and social media to hold governments accountable, document abuses, and empower marginalized groups, including women and young people." (OTI-HCT)


  • “We have to do the best possible job of sharing intelligence and information. That now includes the internet, because we have seen that ISIS is a very effective recruiter, propagandist and inciter and celebrator of violence. That means we have to work more closely with our great tech companies. They can't see the government as an adversary, we can't see them as obstructionists. We've got to figure out how we can do more to understand who is saying what and what they're planning.” (DD3)
  • “I would hope that, given the extraordinary capacities that the tech community has and the legitimate needs and questions from law enforcement, that there could be a Manhattan-like project, something that would bring the government and the tech communities together to see they're not adversaries, they've got to be partners.” (DD3)