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Reminder: Sign in to the RDP and say hi on slack at the start of each shift, and log off the RDP and say bye on slack at the end of each shift.

The table below gives standing shifts. Exceptions are listed below.

Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Est. Hrs/Wk
Vineet Anne 12:30-5 12:30-5 2-5 12
Libby Bassini 8PM-11PM 11AM-3PM 8PM-11PM 11AM-3PM 13
Rex Bone 1-5 10-2 10-12 10
Anne Freeman 11-3 10-2 8
Devika Kumar 1-5 8-10pm 1-4,5-7 9-11 13
Hiep Nguyen 1-4 2-4 12-5 4-6 12
Khai Nguyen 8:00-10:00 PM 8:00-10:00 PM 8:00-10:00 PM 6
Lasya Rajan 2-5 1-5 1-4 10
Nancy Yu 2-4 1-4 3-5 1-4 10
Yi Ma 8-10pm 8-10PM 8-10pm 8-10pm 8-10pm 10


  • Tues, 05/07, and Wedn, 05/08, Libby Bassini will be unavailable during her shifts due to an academic conflict. She will be making up this time on Friday, 05/10, by working 9AM-5PM

All students can work as soon as their hiring paperwork is accepted. However, you cannot post hours to GMS before your start date. Record your hours on paper and submit them after your start date. If in doubt, discuss your hours with Ed before submitting them.