Libby Bassini

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Team Member
Elisabeth "Libby" Bassini
Status Active
Degree Bachelor
Major STIA
Skills (Students only) Python, ArcGIS
Skype @ElisabethSBassini
Projects Defining Incubators, Ecosystem Organization Classifier, Ecosystem: Washington DC
School Georgetown
Job Title Researcher
Sponsor Kauffman Incubator Project
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My name is Elisabeth or "Libby". I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at Georgetown University studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs. I am investigating the Washington DC Ecosystem, identifying baseline attributes for incubators, and determining seed data sources for incubators.

-Below is the link to a page containing charts that lay out all the information that has been collected on the incubators in the five ecosystems being investigated.

Incubators in Five Ecosystems