Finding Rice Entrepreneurship Information

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This is an internal page for use by researchers at the McNair Center.

Constituents and Ideas


Our ideas should be guided by our constituents needs (or 'use case' for the wiki).

  • Students
  • Faculty and staff
  • Alums - Remember that both OwlSpark and the JGS Entrepreneurs Organisation (good for connections for funding/employment) are open to Alums
  • University ecosystem players
  • Organizations interested in promoting entrepreneurship and academics studying university entrepreneurship

Ideas for Pages

Somethings might be sections within pages, and others might be pages. When we have whole pages on things we can include sections of them automatically elsewhere.

We should consider adding content for the following.

  • University institutions:
    • McMurtry Innovation Space
    • OEDK
    • Sewall Arts Studio (that basement thing?)
    • The Technology Transfer Office
    • We should also build a timeline of entrepreneurship institutions at Rice
  • Classes
    • Business School classes - although this is covered on the REI website, we should probably have our own too
    • Engineering classes
    • Classes from other faculties. If we put together a list, Ed can call department heads and ask what they have.
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Start-ups at Rice
    • We might do case studies and follow their progress
    • Some 'projects' are pre-startups. We should think about how we can classify them and record info about them.


Please use this section to record any notes about how you found information about entrepreneurship (and innovation) programs and resources at Rice. The ultimate goal is to teach a computer to do this kind of work.