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Eliza Martin Work Logs (log page)

Fall 2016

9/23/2016 Introductory explanation/exploration, helped Catherine find source for Ed

9/26/2016 Began research for blog post about largely unknown entrepreneurial ecosystems, checked links on McNair Center blog

9/27/2016 Set up personal and work log pages, researched for blog post

9/28/2016 Met with Ariel and Ed, examined/analyzed her data on entrepreneurial hubs, started reading Kauffman Report on Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

9/29/2016 Continued blog research, met with Anne, Catherine and Tay about the blog. Edited the Trump|Pence Entrepreneurship Blog Post to increase readability and accessibility.

9/30/2016 Continued editing the Trump|Pence Entrepreneurship Blog

10/3/2016 Worked on the Small Business Development Ecosystem of Houston with a focus on women. Verified information was correct and worked to develop a tangible deliverable.

10/4/2016 Finished the Excel Spreadsheet on Small Business Development Ecosystem of Houston with a focus on women.

10/6/2016 Edited the guide to small businesses in Houston.

10/11/2016 Met with Ed to talk about entrepreneurial ecosystems wiki/blog; chose six metropolitan areas for closer examination and read Kauffman reports and entrepreneurial history of the six ecosystems

10/12/2016 Continued research about emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems

10/13/2016 Created a Wiki Page for the Emerging Ecosystems project. Continued research.

10/17/2016 Continued work on the Emerging Ecosystems project. Started drafting blog post.

10/18/2016 Continued working on blog post. All McNair meeting.

10/19/2016 Continued work on Austin blog post. Met with Anne

10/20/2016 Continued work on Austin blog post

10/21/2016 Bloggers meeting & received Anne's edits to Austin blog post and will update piece to reflect tomorrow.

10/24/2016 Finished Austin blog post and sent to Catherine for edits

10/25/2016 Finished edits and sent blog post to Anne for review

10/26/2016 Started research on Washington DC, finished Austin blog post and re-edited with Anne's edits & sent to Meghana

10/27/2016 Reviewed Meghana's edits and sent to Anne for final review. Edited Catherine's Overtime Law Blog piece, continued DC research.

10/28/2016 Continued research for DC, proposed blog post, reviewed weekly innovation and entrepreneurship roundup posts.

10/31/2016 Categorized wiki pages, continued DC research, created slack channel

11/1/2016 Began drafting DC blog post


11/3/2016 Edited Austin piece

11/4/2016 Absent

11/7/2016 Edited Dylan's blog post & worked on DC piece

11/8/2016 Worked on D.C. piece

11/9/2016 Edited Ramee's piece, met with Ed

11/10/2016 Edited Catherine's blog post, drafted DC post

11/11/2016 Typed Austin piece in blog, finished first draft of DC Ecosystem post: https://docs.google.com/a/rice.edu/document/d/1AyKvVJImMm9b2I82RHHfGnOq0TMI8Owb6--0vl70qt8/edit?usp=sharing

11/14/2016 Edited Tay's blog post and worked on DC post (should be done Tuesday).

11/15/2016 Researched executive order

11/16/2016 Researched executive orders.


11/18/2016 Edited Tay's blog post and attended bloggers meeting

11/21/2016 Completed DC post: updates with edits from Julia and Dylan

11/28/2016 Edited Julia and Tay's blog posts

11/29/2016-12/1/2016 Accelerator Project Research

Spring 2017

1/12/2017 Rewrote DC blog post and met with Anne

1/30/2017 Finished pulling data from SDC (saved under Projects-->Ecosystems-->CincinnatiData1) & created wiki page for blog post http://mcnair.bakerinstitute.org/wiki/Cincinnati_Ecosystem

2/14/2017 Finished Austin VC Post, created excel graphs and updated wiki page for Cincinnati Ecosystem

2/17/2017 Created Excel graphs for Cincinnati post which will be ready for peer editing on Monday

2/21/2017 Finished Cincinnati Post and sent to Tay

2/22/2017 Updated Cincinnati post with edits and sent to Anne. Pulled data for DC from SDC

2/23/2017 Pulled Austin VC Data

2/24/2017 Edited Cincinnati Blog Post. Will be sent to Catherine for editing on Monday.

3/2/2017 Edited Cincinnati Blog Post and put in WordPress

3/3/2017 Did final edits on Cincinnati Blog Post, did data pull for all the ecosystems and cleaned up wiki page