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Ecosystem: Austin TX
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Project Information
Has title Ecosystem: Austin TX
Has owner Yi Ma
Has start date 2019/03/12
Has deadline date 2019/03/28
Has project status Active
Subsumed by: Incubators in Five Ecosystems
Has sponsor Kauffman Incubator Project
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Austin Project

This page shows the main progress, findings and relevant information on the Austin Project that belongs to Kauffman Incubator Project

For additional information on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Austin, please refer to the blog post Austin TX Emerging Ecosystems (Blog Post)

There is a similar project done on the ecosystem of Houston. Please refer to Houston Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project

Progress Report

As of 04.03.2019

Finished the first-round research on incubators in Austin.

An updated spreadsheet of incubators in Austin can be found here

E:\projects\Kauffman Incubator Project\01 Classify entrepreneurship ecosystem organizations\Austin

Incubators that Support High-tech High-growth Startups

Capital Factory – Both an incubator and accelerator. Focused on helping tech startups get profitable with less than $1 millino in funding apiece. Its more notable members include Pingboard, Instacart and HomeAway. Membership is invitation-only.

Austin Technology Incubator(ATI) – The startup incubator of the University of Texas at Austin. Its 2012 class raised more than $230 million in funding, and its overall membership has snagged more than 40 percent of all Texas Emerging Technology Fund awards in Central Texas. Its portfolio spans the bio/health sciences, clean energy, development and IT/wireless industries. (Scheduled interview on April 2nd at 9:30 EST)

IC2 Institute – The IC2 Institute is an interdisciplinary research unit of The University of Texas at Austin which works to advance the theory and practice of entrepreneurial wealth creation.

Tech Ranch – Tech Ranch offers three levels of programming: a one-day workshop, an eight-week book camp, and a 26-week series that falls somewhere between an incubation and acceleration track. Its tech startups range from workplace wellness platforms and couponing apps to staffing, payment and event management systems.

IncubatorCTX for Innovation and Impact – IncubatorCTX is the incubator designed for innovation and impact in Northwest Austin. The Incubator connects entrepreneurs from all industries with professors’ valuable insights, student support, mentors, investors and outstanding and valuable programs for development. They partner with Tech Ranch and G-51.

Techstarts Austin – Techstarts counts Austin among its eight locations around the US. Providing mentorship, networking opportunities and $118,000 in seed funding in exchange for seven to ten percent equity. Its Austin-based members’ fields of specialty range from healthcare to hardware. Of Techstars’ startups overall, 88 percent are still active or have been acquired, and its 2014 summer class in Austin received an average of $1.9M in funding.

Austin Founder Institute – The Founder Institute is the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program. Its program focuses on Founders versus ideas in our admissions process, and identify founders of the highest potential through a collection of aptitude and personality tests that have been in development with leading social scientists since 2008.

MassChallenge Texas – MassChallenge Texas is the second domestic and sixth international location in MassChallenge’s global network. The region launched in 2018 in Austin. In 2019, the program expanded to Houston. The 4-month accelerator program provides up to $500k in equity free cash grants, a 6-month complimentary community membership at WeWork in downtown Austin, access to >$250k in curated deals and discounts, Bespoke mentorship opportunities through mentor teams and office hours programs, deep engagement opportunities with the Texas innovation ecosystem, one-on-one engagement with the MCTX founding and corporate partners, unique curriculum in the form of workshops, events, and classroom series.

Economic Growth Business Incubator – EGBI provides training, coaching, and support to aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers to growing a successful business. It is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.

Bunker Labs – Bunker Labs supports military veterans throughout the journey of starting a business: from the idea stage - where active-duty service members are thinking about what to do post-service - to the growth stage of successful companies looking to hire, raise capital, and expand into new markets. Bunker Labs at Austin collaborates with Capital Factory and The Entrepreneur’s Foundataion.

ACC Bioscience Incubator – ACC Bioscience Incubator bridges the gaps in the “research to product” cycle, creating an innovative work environment for life science entrepreneurs. It belongs to Austin Community College.

DivInc – DivInc is an accelerator program for women and people of color. Its program includes an intensive 12-week startup accelerator program providing a unique culture of support. By building successful high-growth companies, DivInc can disproportionately influence the economic, political and social development of communities nationwide.

Galvanize – Galvanize is a technology ecosystem for learners, entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies that meets the needs of the rapidly changing digital world by transforming individuals and teams through effective education and community programs. Medical Innovation Labs(MIL) – MIL invests in the development and commercialization of cutting-edge healthcare technologies with a focus on those that will have the greatest societal impact. MIL has real-world experience in transforming ideas into products that can be commercialized to significantly impact healthcare. MIL develops its own products and works with other to advance their ideas, products, and companies.

MobilityX – Daimler & Capital Factory have come together to create MobilityX – the center of gravity for innovation in mobility services and technologies. MobilityX is the first transportation technology partner aimed at fostering the growth of new mobility-as-a-service companies and bringing innovation solutions to the transportation sector. They serve startups of all stages, Jon Brumley Texas Texas Venture Labs – TVL accelerator provides an opportunity for startups to take their ventures to the next level with the unique benefit of leveraging UT Austin resources and talent. TVL also provides a venue for investors to engage with research and startups from the University of Texas at Austin. TVL transform graduate students into entrepreneurs and accelerate Austin-based startups to venture funding through market validation.

Sputnik ATX – Sputnik ATX is an Austin-based accelerator that funds maker-founders. It helps people reach their full potential by creating an ecosystem to attract hard-working nerds, connect them with investors, and train them for success. Their formula is (Nerds + Investment + Training + Mentoring) Community = Success

SKU – SKU stands for stock keeping unit. SKU offers a 14-week program that serves an MBA and all-star network platform for its clients. During the course of the program, founders and leadership teams attend organized classes, in-depth, breakout and problem-solving sessions, meeting face-toto-face with SKU mentors every Tuesday for twelve weeks.

File Location

All works can be found at

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