Diana Carranza (Research Plan)

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Deliverables prior Summer end 2017

Issue Briefs:

Week of July 17th

1. Innovation District - Recommendations for Houston

2. Venture Capital / Pipeline – edits to existing version

Week of July 24th

3. Core Focus (Industries in Houston for Startups)

4. Branding & Testing Technology in Houston

Blog Posts

1. Social Capital – July 14th

2. Cintrifuse – Week of July 17th

3. Chicago – Week of July 31st

4. Interview with Armen Orujyan on Social Entrepreneurship (TBD)

5. Ranking of the Cities – Week of July 24th


1. Interviews with Yael Hochberg, Blair Garroud, and John Reale

2. Confirmation on Armen Orujyan interview

3. Database for Ranking of the Cities

Optional Ideas

1. World Bank Entrepreneurship Fund (Critique of Microfinancing)

2. Women and Small Business