Carly Fiorina (Jobs and Business Policy)

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Fiorina's Jobs and Business Policy (section page)

Fiorina's background at HP

  • "I was recruited to HP to save a company. It was a company that had grown into a bloated bureaucracy that cost too much and delivered too little to customers and shareholders. As an outsider, I tackled HP's entrenched problems head-on, I cut the bureaucracy down to size, reintroduced accountability, focused on service, on innovation, on leading in every market and every product segment. It was a difficult time. However, we saved 80,000 jobs. We went on to grow to 160,000 jobs. I had to make tough calls in tough times. I think people are looking for that in Washington." (RD3)

Fiorina's two fundamental problems with the American economy

  1. "We have tangled people up in a web of dependence from which they can't escape" (FOX)
  2. "We're crushing small businesses now" (FOX)

Her solution:

  • "if we want the middle class growing again, we've got to get small and family-owned businesses going and growing again." (Fox)
  • Fiorina "recognizes the importance of increasing access to capital so that small businesses have the resources they need to succeed, reducing the cost of doing business so that home-grown entrepreneurs have the opportunity to thrive, and eliminating barriers to job creation to put Americans back to work." (CFCW)