Carly Fiorina (Immigration)

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Fiorina's Immigration (section page)

Secure border

  • Says securing border "will take money, manpower, and technology—but most of all it will take political will." (CFWI)
  • Supports Heritage Foundation plan, which would "support the National Guard and Coast Guard, invest in infrastructure and the right technology, and encourage federal-state-local cooperation." (CFWI)

Fix legal immigration system

  • Wants to reform broken visa system (CFWI)
  • Wants an upgraded employer verification system (CFWI)

Will not grant amnesty to those who are in the United States illegally

  • "Those who cut the line and broke our laws as their first act entering this country have foregone that opportunity." (CFWI)

"I will not support citizenship for those here illegally."