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filename={Marco Rausser (2008) - The Role Of Patent Rights In Mergers.pdf}
tags={TRIPS, SPLT, WIPO, International, Patent Law},
filename={Reichman Dreyfuss (2007) - Harmonization Without Consensus.pdf}
title={Patent Thickets, Trolls and Unproductive Entrepreneurship},
author={Turner, J.},
journal={Trolls and Unproductive Entrepreneurship (October 1, 2011)},
abstract={I introduce and analyze an equilibrium model of invention, patenting and infringement under monopolistic competition. Profitable use of inventions requires adaptation to complementary technologies. With patents, a thicket of conflicting rights emerges and costly infringements occur. This taxes invention and lowers welfare. When an inventor may be a “troll”—patent without inventing—the rate of invention falls further. Intuitively, some trolls would invent if it were impossible to be a troll. More technology is patented with trolls, so the thicket grows and welfare falls. Being a troll is unprofitable unless a critical mass of inventions, made by other firms, exists.},
tags={patent, thicket, trolls, sequential innovation},
filename={Turner (2011) - Patent Thickets Trolls And Unproductive Entrepreneurship.pdf}
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