Shelby Bice

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Team Member
Shelby Bice
Status Inactive
Degree Bachelor
Major Computer Science; Visual and Dramatic Arts
Skills (Students only) Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, C, C#
Projects Patent Data Processing - SQL Steps, Patent Design Main Page, Redesign Assignment and Patent Database, Redesigning Patent Database
School Rice
Job Title Tech Team
Sponsor McNair Center
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Shelby Bice is a 21 year old Rice student currently working on the Tech Team for the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy's McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Shelby currently lives in the Houston area and attends Rice University.


Shelby Bice is a junior student majoring in Computer Science at Rice University. She resides at the residential college of McMurtry and is also pursuing a major in Visual and Dramatic Arts, specializing in theatre.

Organizational Involvement

Shelby is a coordinator for the theatre group The Rice Players, the oldest performing group in Houston, and one of the social coordinators for Rice's women in CS club CSters. She also served as the Academics Committee Co-Chair for the Rice Student Association during her sophomore year after serving as a New Student Representative during her freshman year.

Work Experience

Shelby has worked as a tour guide at Rice University since her freshman year. She has also interned in software engineering at Spiceworks in Austin, Texas, and at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington, during the summer of 2017. Other internships include writing for the Internet Bar Association.

Time at McNair

Shelby Bice (Work Log) Shelby Bice (Research Plan)