Resources for Minorities

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This page is a part of the McNair Center's Guide to Small Business in Houston section on Houston's Small Business Resources.

Starting a new business or growing an existing one can be difficult, especially as a minority, but do not worry, Houston has a variety of resources available to make your life easier!

Organizations targeted toward minority business owners can offer you the guidance and resources necessary for success. These resources will connect you to mentors, networking opportunities, certification training, and more. They also can provide meeting and co-working spaces, events, luncheons, and additional opportunities for you to learn new skills, tricks, and tips relevant to starting and running a business in Houston. Networking and mentorship opportunities connect you with other minority business owners who can help you start or grow your business. Learning from the successes of others, coupled with gaining access to new networks and fresh ideas will help both you and your business thrive. We have provided a list below of the possible resources you can take advantage of in the Houston area as a minority business owner.

Resources for Houston Minority-Owned Small Businesses