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Oliver Chang Work Logs (logpage)

To-do List:

  • Expand XPath use in the patent data
  • Edit to include Application data
  • Finish ID joining



Day-by-Day (in reverse chronological order)

October 2017

  • Oct 25: start ingestion of application xml files and deal with all the bugs which accompany that
  • Oct 21: create xml explorer script to mass-inspect xpaths (can be found at E:\McNair\Projects\SimplerPatentData\src\main\java\org\bakerinstitute\mcnair\xml_schema_explorer
  • Oct 20: re-run assignment import, review xpaths
  • Oct 19: repopulate patents database and create spreadsheet of assignment equivalencies
  • Oct 11: add issues to work on to the PECA wiki page; cleanup PECA git repo; start patent application code from granted patent code and start customizing to new domain
  • Oct 3: troubleshoot vc_circles.py and make command line interface a little nicer
  • Oct 2: discuss mapping strategies & investigate missing eca data

September 2017

  • Sept 23: make Project/OliverLovesCircles usable and add initial splitting ability
  • Sept 22: goal setting & server debugging & meet with Yang

August 2017

  • Aug 4: setup parallel instance python framework for job reporting; begin test run
  • Aug 2: finish up some documentation of the code and for the wiki
  • Aug 1: discuss with Abhi & Ed about alternatives to Java port because of algorithmic constants that would be hard to port; run test batches on python with addition of equality operators and convergence early stopping

July 2017

  • July 31: sketch out parallel enclosing circle algorithm
  • July 28: field questions and data cleanup questions from Kerda & Joe & Adrian
  • travelling
  • July 19: try to remove duplicated records (esp. those with empty titles) which are preventing the addition of a unique constraint
  • July 18: run correspondent join on properties and correspondents table to match previous project; sync with Adrian and Abhi
  • July 17: redo db operations after cleaning up granted patent number bugs
  • July 13: powwow about parallelizing Enclosing Circle Algorithm; sketch out what to do for the rest of the summer; work more on joins
  • July 12: generate some example data illustrating the difficulty of joining different tables
  • July 11: track down some bugs that happen very rarely and were missed in the initial qa phase
  • July 7: catch up on documentation
  • July 6: try (unsuccessfully) to understand docid mapping...create exploration scripts
  • July 5: add invention title to proper grouping of assignment properties; optimize XML parsing

June 2017

  • June 30: powwow with James, Abhi, Ed about optimization issues; discuss document ids, X0 etc with Ed; pinpoint issues with APS doc numbers (see Repro Pat Dat#Gotchas) for more info
  • June 29: add logging of copy commands, more chattiness to scripts, debug assignment data failure
  • June 28: create examples for expansion to plant, reissue, design patent collection; start optimizing xml
  • June 27: write SQL to replicate assignees, extract postcodes for ongoing projects
  • June 26: speedup code, abstract in-memory file splitters to avoid repetition and some weird edge cases
  • June 25: create mappings for APS, assignment properties, XML 2.5 for data import; run data imports for granted data
  • June 23: cleanup hacky models with a better set of abstractions; cleanup IDE warnings; redefine patent-address mapping
  • June 22: create postcode<->patent table
  • June 21: document granted patent queries and equivalencies
  • June 20: sketch out APS driver; discuss patent id problem; further document with evidence the zipcode data validity
  • June 19: skim address regular expressions; cursory investigation of patent table
  • June 16: create method of getting all data into the database, whether it likes it or not; copy over assignments, granted data using new scheme
  • June 15: add more robust error reporting, fix race conditions; build out assignment driver; build out fee event driver; add error logging
  • June 14: migrate bulk inserts to copy command; refresh on address data and start in on that; convert processor to multi-threaded application
  • June 13: spot check SQL tables; fix broken final case endlessly looping; investigate smarter insert methods
  • June 12: add XML printer, use it to inspect applications; extend BaseScraper to fetch patent application data; add applications documentation to my project page; add CREATE of other tables
  • June 8: add foreign key inserts; create pretty printer for XML analysis
  • June 7: finalize DB abstraction layer; migrate code to bulk inserts; upgrade webserver software and do optimization on RDP postgres with Ed
  • June 6: add jdbc; create basic schema; add db interaction; schedule meeting for later in the week
  • June 5: look into postgresql; refersh on postgis; add some notes to the Enclosing Circle Algorithm page
  • June 1: add RDP git remote; add more documentation to wiki page; refactor downloader scripts; start creation of tooling for interacting with data

May 2017

  • May 31: finish copy-pasting attributes into the wiki page; retroactively fill out work log; meet with Ed to discuss next steps
  • May 30: update documentation on wiki, restructure large binary files to have more hierarchy instead of a flat listing at the root
  • May 29: expand to APS; expand to raw assignment data
  • May 27: expand to maintenance fee data
  • May 26: create models, translate xmlparser*.pl file into Java; start using builder pattern
  • May 25: sketch out OO design of project; download bulk data
  • May 24: move wiki pages around; start git repository for project
  • May 21: discuss technical details of previous work with Ed
  • May 8: cleanup dead links on wiki and start reading about previous work; discuss current project status with Ed
  • May 4: setup wiki account, rdp account, database training