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Receiving my Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship. Foreground, left to right: Bob Strom (Kauffman), Antoinette Schoar (MIT), and Me.

For almost two years this news page wasn't updated. There was simply too much news and too little time to report it. I'd claim that I'll try to do better, but that seems unlikely to actually happen.

The highlights from 2012 and early 2013 were:

  • I received my PhD from Haas at U.C. Berkeley on May 12th 2012. I was awarded the Henry K. Hayase Award at the graduation ceremony for my service to the PhD students. My sister, step-sister, step-mother, and step-step-father attended my graduation (I have a post-Nuclear family).
  • I took a Post-doctoral Fellowship for one year at the Sauder School of Business, UBC, under my long-term mentors Jim Brander and Thomas Hellmann. The Strategy and Business Economics group at Sauder has a fantastic set of people. I taught three sections of COMM493 (Government and Business) in the Fall term, and then did research in the Spring and Summer terms. Time flew by, and many great lunches were had.
  • I was awarded the position as the 2013 Innovation Policy Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research under Josh Lerner and Scott Stern. Josh, an accomplished equestrian, suffered an accident before my arrival in September. Scott has been great as a new advisor and has shaped my job market paper considerably.
  • I'm applying for tenure-track positions in Strategy, Business Economics, and Corporate Finance, on the 2013/2014 academic job market. See my Job Market Applications page for more information.

Old News

  • 20-11-2011 - USPTO Conference: I presented my paper on patent citations at the USPTO conference on "Patent Statistics for Decision Makers". A good time was had by all.
  • 01-11-2011 - Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship: I won a Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship for 2012!
  • 18-09-2011 - Job Market 2012-13: I will be seeking tenure-track positions in business schools on the 2012-13 academic job market.
  • 05:08-2011 - Haas Research Computing: Haas researchers now have a PostgreSQL database server available for large dataset processing.

Website Updates

  • 23-10-2013: My home page and main page get an overhaul. All old content is still available from inside the wiki.
  • 25-09-2011: The new look goes live. The main page of takes on its new look and the restructuring on the wiki begins.
  • 01-08-2011: Website overhaul! After many years of a message that said 'My webserver is back up, but this page hasn't been replaced yet', this page has finally been replaced.

Security Bulletins

An archive of security bulletins is as follows:

  • 18-08-2010: The site has had a major security overhaul. Access is now based on user and group permissions, and there is no anonymous editing. If you do not have an account, please sign up for one now!
  • 21-05-2010: Unfortunately my wiki has been spammed yet again (blocking the IPs didn't work), and as a result I've been forced to shut down all edit access for anonymous users. What a sad world we live in. Feel free to hunt down the offenders (,,, and
  • 02-03-2010: Read access has been temporarily suspended to certain sections of my wiki until after my 2nd year exam. If you need access to other material on the wiki please ask me to open it up or request an account.
  • 21-02-2010: The server is back up and the wiki restored after a hard-drive failure. The main website (i.e. all pages other than the wiki) will be rebuilt when I have time.