Yunnie Huang (Work Log)

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Yunnie Huang Work Logs (log page)

Spring 2018

2018-2/19: Continued data collection on accelerator seed list.

2018-2/15: Continued data collection on accelerator seed list.

2018-2/12: Added footnotes to report. Added to excel sheet Joe's accelerator project.

2018-1-29: Organize lit reviews on Women & Entrepreneurship.

Fall 2017

2017-12-1: Finished blog post on wordpress with help from Tay.

2017-11-28: Accelerator Type List Excel Edits.

2017-11-20: TIF Project from Ed.

2017-11-15: Got advice from Tay about the blog post.

2017-11-14: Organized the list of articles related to Houston startups.

2017-11-13: Literature Review on Accelerators & Incubators

2017-11-10: Organized Literature Review documents into folder and included a few more articles.

2017-11-07: Started writing narrative description of the manufacturing incubator blog from notes. Met with Ed to talk about Literature Review.

2017-11-06: Talked to Ed and edited the literature review.

2017-11-03: Looked through some websites for manufacturing incubators for the blog post.

2017-10-31: Continued blog post for manufacturing incubators. Edited Startup Density lit review

2017-10-30: Edited Startup Density literature review. Started blog post for Manufacturing Incubators

2017-10-27: Finished literature review

2017-10-24: Set up RDP. Continue literature review using Zotero and Textpad.

2017-10-23: First day! Set up and edited wiki page. Started literature review.