Yimeng Tang (Work Log)

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Yimeng Tang Work Logs (log page)

Fall 2016

09/27/2016 - Set up accounts and Work Log Page

09/29/2016 - Encounter power outage and read the introductory notes to the LBO project

09/29/2016 - Familiarize with the STATAPredictLBO.dta dataset and start to write the matching program

10/13/2016 - Start to write the matching program

10/18/2016 - Write matchingLBO.do but encounter error "system refuses to provide memory"

10/18/2016 - Try to run the do file in StataSE but encounter error "sum of expand values exceed 2,147,483,620. The dataset may not contain more than 2,147,483,620 observations."

10/20/2016 - Try to fix the problem and come up with a new plan with James.

10/25/2016 - Use loops to write the matching program but encounter "syntax error".

10/27/2016 - Revise the program with comments from James

11/02/2016 -