Wiki Configuration

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Basic VI commands

A decent VI cheatsheet is here:

Post-install configuration

Skinning the wiki

The skin is in:


In variables.less the colors are defined:

@html-font-size: 100%;
@light-gray: #ccc;
@very-light-gray: #eee;525254
@dark-gray: #77787a;
@darkest-grey: #525254;
@baker-green: #0d776e;
@dark-baker-green: #0a5e57;
@light-orange: #f59972;
@baker-orange: #eb6d2e;
@dark-orange: #a63c07;

Setting up Content

New category

Add the Internal Category


and protect it using ACL.

Create a category by searching for Category:Name, or by clicking a link to the category. Add a page to a category by including the tag [[Category:Name]]

To create a link to a category, use a leading colon before the category name (without this colon, the current page would be added to the category):

[[:Category:Help]] -> Category:Help

To change the link text, write the text inside the link tag after a pipe:

[[:Category:Help|Help category]] -> Help category

See for more information.

Change sidebar

Add the Internal pages to the mediawiki sidebar

Browse the MediaWiki:Sidebar page and edit it. Don't include the square brackets in the links.

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.