Venture Capital

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The financing of entrepreneurship, particularly Venture Capital finance, is my primary research topic. Historically, much of my work had a policy focus (see the policy papers below). I have one published paper and one unpublished paper (despite numerious submissions) in examining venture capital, as well as two current research projects.


Published Papers:

Papers Submitted for Academic Publication:

Other Working Papers

Papers that include findings related to Venture Capital backed firms:

Published Policy Reports

  • Hellmann, Thomas F., Edward J. Egan & James E. Brander (2005), "Value Creation in Venture Capital: A Comparison of Exit Values Across Canadian Provinces and US States". Published by the Premier's Technology Council, Government of British Columbia. (Download PDF)
  • Brander, James A., Edward J. Egan & Anthony E. Boardman (2005), "The Equity Capital Program in British Columbia: An Assessment of Capital Availability, Program Efficiency, and Policy Alternatives". Published by the Ministry of Small Business and Economic Development, Government of British Columbia. (Download PDF)

Term Papers / Discarded Work

  • Second Year Paper: Strategic Patenting In Venture Capital Backed Firms (Download PDF)
  • ECON224: Promoting Innovation - Government Participation in the US VC Market (Download DOC)
  • PHDBA279: Non-Market Strategy in Venture Capital (Download PDF)
  • ECON566: US Venture Capital Policy Interventions (Download DOC)


I am currently working on: