USPTO Patent Assignment Dataset

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USPTO Patent Assignment Dataset
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Project Information
Has title USPTO Patent Assignment Dataset
Has owner Ed Egan
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Has keywords Data
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Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Data
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This project describes the build out and basic use of the USPTO Assignment Dataset.

The data, scripts, etc. are in:

E:\McNair\Projects\USPTO Patent Assignment Dataset

The data is described in a USPTO Economic Working Paper by Marco, Myers, Graham and others:

Pre-load checks

The data is large. We don't have space on the main dbase server for it.

df -h
/dev/nvme1n1p2  235G  208G   15G  94% /var/postgresql

Note: To check dbase space usage on the dbase server see Posgres_Server_Configuration#Size.2C_Backup_.26_Restore.

The postgres dbase on the RDP, however, currently has more than 300Gb free and is on a solid state drive, so its performance should be acceptable.

Getting the data

The data is available pre-processed (see the working paper) from Specifically, download (1284462233, 2017-03-28 15:47) from

The load script is:


To get the data into ASCII or ASCII, move it to the dbase server then:

  • Check its encoding using:
file -i
  • Convert it to UTF-8 using (the TRANSLIT option approximates characters that can't be directly encoded)
iconv -f oldformat -t UTF-8//TRANSLIT file -o outfile
    • The sc options forces iconv to ignore bad chars and move on:
iconv -sc -f oldformat -t UTF-8//TRANSLIT file -o outfile
  • Bash scripts to do all of the csvs is in Z:\USPTO_assigneesdata; make them executable and then run whichever you need
chmod  +x
  • Note that the final source encoding was Win1252 and the final target encoding was ASCII
  • All bar three of the files had to be manually fixed to remove errors. Final files are in E:\McNair\Projects\USPTO Patent Assignment Dataset