UC Berkeley LaTeX Dissertation Guide

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This page provides supplementary document on how to use the UC Berkeley dissertation LaTeX style provided by Paul Vojta in the math department.

Getting the files

  • You will need Paul Vojta's ucbthesis.cls. Put it in your thesis directory.
  • This class file relies on some other files that are bundled with ucthesis.cls, which is availble from CTAN. Either unpack them into your thesis directory or install them properly.

Producing a thesis

First produce a thesis. This documentation can't help with that.

Read the class README file, and check out Paul's documentation and examples. You might also want to read the ucthesis documentation.

Then use or fill out the tags below:

\title{} %The title of your dissertation
\author{} %This should be your name as it is recorded with graduate studies
\degree{Doctor of Philosophy}
%\chair{Professor X}\cochair{Professor Y}
\cochairs{Professor X}{Professor Y}
\othermembers{Professor Inside\\
Professor Outside}
\numberofmembers{4} %If you have 3 members, change this accordingly
\field{Business Administration}

If you have a cochairs, you have the option of using either the cochairs tags (as I did above), or declaring one professor to be your chair and another to be the co-chair.

The approval page tag can be uncommented to include the approval page in the pdf. The abstract, dedication and acknowledgement environment are all single spaced. There a problem in correctly interpretting the \end{alwayssingle} tag in the environment definition when using pdflatex. As a result, you will need to manually declare the \end{alwayssingle} tag after you've used the environment.

The ucbthesis and ucthesis classes use the memoir class as a base. As a result, you will want to divide your thesis into chapters using \chapter{...}. Sections (\section{...}) are numbered automatically within chapters. Subsections (\subsection{...}) are not numbered and do not appear in the table of contents.

If you want the word "Dedication" to appear nicely at the head of your dedication page then edit ucbthesis.cls so that the dedication environment is changed to:

    \begin{center}{\large \bfseries Dedication}\end{center}

If you are using BibTeX, then you will want you reference section to appear in your table of contents as a chapter but started without the standard chapter heading and with a pseudo-chapter title of "References". This can be accomplished with: