The Houston Entrepreneurs' Forum

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Small Business Development Ecosystem of Houston
The Houston Entrepreneurs' Forum
Institution Information
Name The Houston Entrepreneurs' Forum
Project Guide to Small Business in Houston
Classification Networking Hub
Non-Profit Status Yes
Cost $
Development Stage Concept, Start-Up, Growth, Established
Minorities no
Women no
Education yes
Certification no
Consulting no
Coworking no
Financing no
Meeting no
Mentoring no
Networking yes
Contact Phone Number (713) 458-1080
Contact E-Mail
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The Houston Entrepreneurs' Forum was founded in 1985 to promote entrepreneurship education among its members and the general public. It holds breakfast meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month, during which time the club invites an entrepreneur guest speaker to discuss their experiences and network with individuals interested in entrepreneurship.


Membership is $40.00 a year. Membership allows you to receive monthly notices of the meetings and a discount on breakfast. Breakfasts cost $27 for members and $35 for non-members.

Analysis of the Organization

Only 5 of the past 136 breakfast speakers were female entrepreneurs. Membership fee ($40) provides discount ($27 vs $35) to monthly breakfast and networking sessions.