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Instructions: Start with date, (name): time - then follow with you work update, what is finished, and what isn't finished / what is left to be completed

  • Put your update at the top so the most recent updates are most visible

Oct. 5 (Joe): 9:15-12pm

Oct. 4 (Tay):9:30-12pm

  • Looked over powerpoint progress
  • Looked into Columbia County Economic Development Authority (see Ben's comment below), talked to Anne and looked into Richmond County Development Authority instead
    • Research on tax breaks, designated development areas. All on wiki page under DART tab
  • Investigated Georgia's Cyber Innovation and Training Lab

Oct. 3 (Ben):2-5pm

  • Added File of what startups exist in Augusta E:\McNair\Projects\Innovation Districts\Augusta Startup Ecosystem\Augusta Startups AngelList.txt
  • Added Filter File on Ecosystem rankings E:\McNair\Projects\Innovation Districts\Augusta Startup Ecosystem\GA cities from Ecosystem Rankings.xlsx
  • Looked into city budget for City of Augusta (it's completely unremarkable)
  • Began research on Deke Copenhaver
  • Still need to look into Columbia County Economic Development Authority

Oct. 3 (Joe): 9:30am-12pm; 4-5:15 pm: all work done on Augusta Startup Ecosystem

  • Added sections:
    • Augusta Incubators section: added, with a list of corporate sponsors. If info if I could find any on how they supported
    • Augusta Innovation Zone
    • UNISYS presecne
    • Booz Allen Hamilton presence
  • On powerpoint, added slide on & Augusta Innovation Zone. Saved as Augusta_Innovation_District_10.03 in E:\McNair\Projects\Innovation Districts\Augusta Startup Ecosystem.

Oct. 2 (Ben): 2-4pm Updated Silicon Valley stats in the powerpoint using numbers from Accelerator project, Relevant VC Data (Tay's VC file), and mining from AngelList

  • Couldn't find the number of Hubs but I know McNair has the info somewhere
  • Began looking for Corporate headquarters / branches outside of just looking in compustat, by looking at donors to arts programs like the Augusta Ballet