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LinkedIn Founders:

Most founders can be found with a combination of 1 of these 3 searches within the first 5 hits:

  • "accelerator name" + founder + LinkedIn
  • "accelerator name" + executive director + LinkedIn
  • "accelerator name" + CEO + LinkedIn

However, some companies do not appear regardless of these three searches. For these, it is sometimes valuable to search the company name on LinkedIn and then if their list of employees is public, find the director from the list and search their description on Google to find the actual LinkedIn url.

Demo Day hits:

It appears that counts are inflated by the presence of startup names such as "tio" appearing in other words on the webpage, such as "innova-tio-n". To remove these, we suggest:

  • removing all punctuation
  • condensing all of the text in one line
  • running the match for " startup_name " with spaces before and after the name, as well as for the startup name at the beginning or the end of the line