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[[File:UVMPatentFilings.png|right|500px400px]] UVM had its best year on record in 2013 with 24 filings. However, it made just 4 filings in 2015, which was its lowest count since 1998, and then just a single filing in both of 2016 and 2017, which tie 33-year lows. Of course, UVM's own data may show material for 2018 and 2019. But, as it stands, the results are suggestive of a structural change in UVM's patenting activities somewhere around 2013.   ==Notes== UVM's 26th President, Tom Sullivan, began his term in July 2012, and hired much of his administration in the following two years. Suresh Garimella became the 17th President of UVM in October 2019. Garimella previously had notable success in spurring the development and commercialization of technology at Perdue University, where he was the inaugural Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships.

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