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write thorough documentation on schema of new patent database and instructions on what documentation should be written when it is altered
TODO on 3/2128/2017 * Find all SQL and 3/23/2017documentation related to merging Harvard and USPTO data
* Start documentation for the "core" tables of the databases that should not be deleted.
* Make ER Diagram for "core" tables in database
* Start documentation for how one should go about changing/altering the "core" tables
* Determine if any current tables in the database "patent" that I do not have currently listed as "core" tables should be added as core tables by determining which project(s) they're related to:
** For example, I know what I should include lexjudge in the new schema, but now they are several other "lex-" tables. Do these needs to be considered "core" tables?
*Evaluate perl scripts for pulling data for new database

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