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Social Media Project
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Project Goals

  • Map the Houston Ecosystem
    • So that we can have comparison ecosystems for analysis (if we can train a computer to do it)
  • Find all of the 'policy players' (like Kauffman, the SBA, etc.)
    • Use them to determine what policy changes are being promoted so that we can comment
    • Someone out there has a "9-point agenda" (or some such)
  • Increase our twitter account popularity
    • Tweet about Houston entrepreneurship and innovation events
  • Find out who are the key players on SM in the entrepreneurship field
    • Why are these players so influential?

Things to do

  • Monitor tweets with the relevant entrepreneurship and innovation hashtags, i.e.
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Innovation
    • Startup
    • Vision

Mapping Social Network

Data mapping technology and ideas

Top hashtags for entrepreneurship: