Seed DB Parser

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Seed DB Parser
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E:\McNair\Projects\Seed DB\

ListOfAccs.txt - input file containing a list of accelerators that we want to pull information on


Uses Selenium Webdriver to pull cohort companies, timing info from SeedDB website

SeedDB is structured so that there is a page containing a list of accelerators. If you click on an accelerator name, you are then taken to another page of all their cohorts. This second page of all cohorts for each accelerator is stored in a folder called seedDBhtml.

How To Use

1. Change line 14 to be the name of your input file and line 15 to be the name of your desired output file. 2. The format of the input file is:

First line (header): Accelerators
Next lines: company name per row.

2. Type "python3" into the command prompt.