Rick Santorum (Jobs and Business Policy)

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Rick's Jobs and Business Policy (section page)

2020 Clear Vision for America

  • "In our plan, the 2020 Clear Vision for America, we increase growth by 1% a year. So we go from 2.3 to 3.3, in repealing ObamaCare, it's another .7. So you're looking at 4% growth rate. And unlike Donald Trump and Bobby Jindal, we don't add $10 trillion to the deficit. Our plan, while it creates as many jobs and grows the economy as much as theirs does, we are a revenue-neutral plan because I believe that we need to reduce the size of government, yes, but we also need to reduce our deficit." (CNBCRS)

Shrink federal government

  • Audit the Federal Reserve (RSWTR)
  • "I'm the one on this stage that has actually gone to Washington, said we would shrink government, said we would shake things up and actually delivered for the conservative cause, everything from welfare reform, which was the largest, most significant accomplishment in the last 25 years for conservatism." (CNBCRS)

Make America #1 in manufacturing, to bring back jobs

  • Provide companies with a 100% income exemption to be phased out over two years, with tax deductions for capital investments (RSWTR)
  • Increase minimum wage by $0.50 per year for three years (RSWTR)
  • "Fewer than 1% of Americans earn minimum wage; let it go up." (CNN)
  • "GOP must focus on opportunities for middle and lower class." (OTIH)
  • "The word "economy" comes from the Greek "oikis" which means family. The family is the first economy. And the one thing that we do not talk about enough is how stable families are vitally important for the middle of America to be prosperous and to grow and be safe. And I will have policies, not just tax policies, but others that will make sure that families are strong again in America." (CNBCRS)