Rick Santorum (Immigration)

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Rick's Immigration (section page)

Illegal Immigration

  • Seal the Mexican border with an American-made wall (RSWTR)
  • Rescind Obama-Biden measure that allows for executive amnesty (RSWIR)
  • Veto legislation that creates amnesty (RSWTR)

Legal Immigration

  • Reduce legal immigration by 25% (RSWTR)
  • Implement biometric tracking system for every immigrant who enters the States (RSWIR)
  • End automatic citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants in the United States (RSWIR)
  • "We've brought in 35 million legal and illegal immigrants over the last 20 years, more than any period in American history, yet we have low wages, low participation. We aren't providing the training and the investment in our workers and we're bringing in people to compete against low wage workers. We have to make sure that we are not flooding this country with competition for low wage workers." (CNBCRS)