Rick Santorum (Environmental)

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Rick's Environmental (section page)

  • Open up market access to all forms of domestic fuel production (RSWTR)
  • Give states the freedom to choose where they want to explore for oil and natural gas and to set their own regulations for hydrofracking (RSWTR)

In support of the Keystone Pipeline

  • Approve the Keystone Pipeline for jobs and energy security (RSWTR)
  • In reference to Obama's rejection of Keystone XL "Today's decision by the Obama Administration is another betrayal of the American worker, American manufacturing, and American security. Workers are struggling and our enemies are on the march. More than 15,000 manufacturers and 2 million manufacturing jobs have been lost, jobs that require cheap, secure energy sources. Yet President Obama has decided to again abandon them and our security to appease the fringe environmental Left." (RSWK)

Climate Change is not a real problem

  • "The most recent survey of climate scientists said about 57 percent don’t agree with the idea that 95 percent of the change in the climate is being caused by CO2. … There was a survey done of 1,800 scientists, and 57 percent said they don’t buy off on the idea that CO2 is the knob that’s turning the climate. There’s hundreds of reasons the climate’s changing." (PF)