Patent Thicket Strategic Planning

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Prioritization of Next Steps

1. Identify which papers in “Candidate Papers by LB” are papers from the original 64 and which are new. Ensure there are no repeats.

2. Locate the tool or develop a methodology to determine the relevance of any new papers.

3. Locate the papers that the Google Scholar crawler automatically downloaded, ensure there are no repeats with the set of papers from step 1, and then determine relevance.

4. Locate the papers that the Google Scholar crawler has not automatically downloaded, manually download them, ensure there are no repeats with the set of papers from steps 1 or 2, and then determine relevance.

5. Take the aggregate papers from steps 1-4 to create a single Master Relevant Paper List.

6. Determine what metadata and characteristics about the papers will be necessary for the final paper. Collect this metadata and these characteristics from the Master Relevant Paper List.

7. Determine codification standards for Patent Thickets that will be useful for the final paper. Also consider what "Modern Terms" may be worthwhile to the final paper.

8. Manually codify each paper in the Master Relevant Paper List by the standards determined, and record the process so that an automatic process may be trained. During codification, record any "Modern Terms" that appear in the papers, and iterate between the growing list of "Modern Terms" and your considerations from step 7 to develop a list of "Modern Terms."

9. Develop or locate the automatic process for Patent Thicket codification, and train it by using the process recordings from step 7. Then initiate the automatic codification.

10. Compare the manually and automatically collected codifications of the Master Relevant Paper List. Ensure some amount of synchronization and standardization.

11. Complete any last iterations of "Modern Terms" that would be needed for this final paper.

12. Synthesize the automatically codified set, the manually codified set, the iterative "Modern Terms" set, and the Metadata from step 6 all into a single Master Data-set.

13. Analyze the Master Data-set.

14. Write the final paper.

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