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This page is part of the Patent Thicket Litature Review


This page contains the remaining Candidate Filename list. It is a list of filenames corresponding to files in the dropbox folder, which were determined in step 2 of the review to be candidates for inclusion in the up group. Many of these files will be in the down group but some files will will actually still be core or up group papers, or even should be discarded. If this is the case add them to their appropriate pages.

The Candidate File(s) List

Allison Tiller (2003) - The Business Method Patent Myth.pdf
Arundel Patel (2003) - Strategic Patenting.pdf
Ayres Parchomovsky (2007) - Tradable Patent Rights.pdf
Balasubramanian Sivadasan (2011) - What Happens When Firms Patent.pdf
Baluch Radomsky Maebius (2005) - In Re Kumar The First Nanotech Patent Case In The Federal Circuit.pdf
BarGill Parchomovsky (2003) - The Value Of Giving Away Secrets.pdf
Baron Delcamp (2010) - Strategic Inputs Into Patent Pools.pdf
Baron Pohlmann (2011) - Patent Pools And Patent Inflation.pdf
Barpujari (2010) - The Patent Regime And Nanotechnology Issues And Challenges.pdf
Bawa (2007) - Nanotechnology Patent Proliferation And The Crisis At The Us Patent Office.pdf
Bessen (2003) - Patent Thickets Strategic Patenting Of Complex Technologies.pdf
Bessen (2008) - The Value Of Us Patents By Owner And Patent Characteristics.pdf
Blind Cremers Mueller (2009) - The Influence Of Strategic Patenting On Companies Patent Portfolios.pdf
Brenner (2009) - Optimal Formation Rules For Patent Pools.pdf
Calderini Giannaccari (2006) - Standardisation In The Ict Sector.pdf
Calderini Scellato (2004) - Intellectual Property Rights As Strategic Assets.pdf
Carnabuci Bruggeman (2009) - Knowledge Specialization Knowledge Brokerage.pdf
Carrier (2002) - Why Antitrust Should Defer To The Intellectual Property Rules Of SSOs.pdf
Carrier (2012) - A Roadmap To The Smartphone Patent Wars And Frand Licensing.pdf
Choi (2005) - Live And Let Live A Tale Of Weak Patents.pdf
Clark Konrad (2008) - Fragmented Property Rights And Incentives For R And D.pdf
Cohen Nelson Walsh (2000) - Protecting Their Intellectual Assets.pdf
Cohen Walsh (2008) - Real Impediments To Academic Biomedical Research.pdf
Competition (2008) - Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry Preliminary Report.pdf
Cowin (2007) - Policy Options For The Improvement Of The European Patent System.pdf
Csardi (2007) - Modeling Innovation By A Kinetic Description Of The Patent Citation System.pdf
Dhar Foltz (2007) - The Impact Of Intellectual Property Rights In The Plant And Seed Industry.pdf
DSilva (2009) - Pools Thickets And Open Source Nanotechnology.pdf
Eisenmann (2008) - Managing Proprietary And Shared Platforms.pdf
Eisenstein (2010) - Up For Grabs.pdf
Farrell (2009) - Intellectual Property As A Bargaining Environment.pdf
Feldman (2004) - The Open Source Biotechnology Movement Is It Patent Misuse.pdf
Fischer Henkel (2011) - Patent Trolls On Markets For Technology.pdf
Galasso (2007) - Broad Cross License Agreements And Persuasive Patent Litigation.pdf
Gallini (2002) - The Economics Of Patents Lessons From Recent Us Patent Reform.pdf
Gallini Scotchmer (2002) - Intellectual Property When Is It The Best Incentive System.pdf
Gaule (2006) - Towards Patent Pools In Biotechnology.pdf
Geroski (2005) - Intellectual Property Rights Competition Policy And Innovation.pdf
Gilbert (2004) - Antitrust For Patent Pools A Century Of Policy Evolution.pdf
Gilbert (2010) - Ties That Bind Policies To Promote Good Patent Pools.pdf
Gilbert Newbery (1982) - Preemptive Patenting And The Persistence Of Monopoly.pdf
Goozner (2006) - Innovation In Biomedicine.pdf
Gugler Siebert (2007) - Market Power Versus Efficiency Effects Of Mergers And Research Joint Ventures.
Hemphill (2003) - Preemptive Patenting Human Genomics And The Us Biotechnology Sector.pdf
Holman (2005) - Biotechnologys Prescription For Patent Reform.pdf
Holman (2006) - Clearing A Path Through The Patent Thicket.pdf
Holman (2008) - Trends In Human Gene Patent Litigation.pdf
Holman (2012) - Debunking The Myth That Whole Genome Sequencing Infringes Thousands Of Gene Patents.pd
Horn (2003) - Alternative Approaches To IP Management.pdf
Hussinger (2006) - Is Silence Golden Patents Versus Secrecy At The Firm Level.pdf
Huys (2009) - Legal Uncertainty In The Area Of Genetic Diagnostic Testing.pdf
Iyama (2005) - The Usptos Proposal Of A Biological Research Tool Patent Pool Doesnt Hold Water.pdf
Jacob (2009) - Patents And Pharmaceuticals.pdf
Jensen Webster (2004) - Achieving The Optimal Power Of Patent Rights.pdf
Joshi Nerkar (2011) - When Do Strategic Alliances Inhibit Innovation By Firms.pdf
Kato (2004) - Patent Pool Enhances Market Competition.pdf
Kesselheim Avorn (2005) - University Based Science And Biotechnology Products.pdf
Kim (2004) - Vertical Structure And Patent Pools.pdf
King (2007) - Clearing The Patent Thicket.pdf
Lampe Moser (2009) - Do Patent Pools Encourage Innovation.pdf
Lampe Moser (2012) - Do Patent Pools Encourage Innovation.pdf
Leaffer (2009) - Patent Misuse And Innovation.pdf
Lee (2006) - Examining The Viability Of Patent Pools For The Growing Nanotechnology Patent Thicket.pdf
Lei Juneja Wright (2009) - Patents Versus Patenting.pdf
Lemley (2007) - Ten Things To Do About Patent Holdup Of Standards And One Not To.pdf
Lerner Tirole (2005) - The Economics Of Technology Sharing Open Source And Beyond.pdf
Lerner Strojwas Tirole (2003) - The Structure And Performance Of Patent Pools Empirical Evidence.pdf
Lerner Tirole (2002) - Efficient Patent Pools.pdf
Lerner Tirole (2008) - Public Policy Toward Patent Pools.pdf
Lerner Tirole Strojwas (2003) - Cooperative Marketing Agreements Between Competitors.pdf
Lerner Zhu (2007) - What Is The Impact Of Software Patent Shifts.pdf
Lin (2001) - Research Versus Development.pdf
Lin (2011) - Licensing Strategies In The Presence Of Patent Thickets.pdf
Macdonald (2004) - When Means Become Ends.pdf
Mallo (2008) - Patent Related Barriers To Market Entry For Generic Medicines In The European Union.pdf
Marco Rausser (2008) - The Role Of Patent Rights In Mergers.pdf
Maskus (2006) - Reforming Us Patent Policy Getting The Incentives Right.pdf
Masur (2010) - Costly Screens And Patent Examination.pdf
Merges (2006) - Introductory Note To Brief Of Amicus Curiae In Ebay V MercExchange.pdf
Mertes Stotter (2010) - Managing The Patent Thicket And Maximizing Patent Lifetime In Vaccine Technolo
Meurer (2002) - Business Method Patents And Patent Floods.pdf
Mossoff (2009) - A Stitch In Time The Rise And Fall Of The Sewing Machine Patent Thicket.pdf
Mossoff (2011) - Rise And Fall Of The First American Patent Thicket.pdf
Muris (2001) - Competition And Intellectual Property Policy The Way Ahead.pdf
Murray Stern (2006) - When Ideas Are Not Free The Impact Of Patents On Scientific Research.pdf
Napoleon (2009) - Impact Of Global Patent And Regulatory Reform On Patent Strategies For Biotechnology
Nielsen Samardzija (2006) - Compulsory Patent Licensing.pdf
Parchomovsky Wagner (2005) - Patent Portfolios.pdf
Pray Oehmke Naseem (2005) - Innovation And Dynamic Efficiency In Plant Biotechnology.pdf
Rai (2003) - Engaging Facts And Policy.pdf
Reichman Dreyfuss (2007) - Harmonization Without Consensus.pdf
Schacht (2006) - Patent Reform Issues In The Biomedical And Software Industries.pdf
Schmalensee (2009) - Standard Setting Innovation Specialists And Competition Policy.pdf
Schmidt (2007) - Negotiating The Rnai Patent Thicket.pdf
Shand Wetter (2007) - Trends In Intellectual Property And Nanotechnology.pdf
Sharrott Sayeed (2006) - Intellectual Property Developments In Biochip Nanotechology.pdf
Serafino (2007) - Survey Of Patent Pools Demonstrates Variety Of Purposes And Management Structures.pd
Somaya (2003) - Strategic Determinants Of Decisions Not To Settle Patent Litigation.pdf
Somaya Teece Wakeman (2011) - Innovation In Multi Invention Contexts.pdf
Turner (2011) - Patent Thickets Trolls And Unproductive Entrepreneurship.pdf