PTLR Thicket Definition

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This page is part of the Patent Thicket Litature Review


This page contains the various definitions of patent thickets encountered. I will start providing detailed descriptions of each definition soon.


Defining by Reference

  • Refs Heller/Heller \& Eisenberg
  • Refs Shapiro
    • See Shapiro

Defining by quotation

  • Quotes Shapiro
    • Shapiro Verbatim

Implied Specific Definitions

  • Diversely-held Complementary Inputs
  • Multiple Overlapping Blocking Patents
    • Multiple patents read on the product
    • Overlapping patents
    • Overlaping blocking patents
    • Multiple Overlapping Patents
  • Based on Infrigement
    • Questionable patents
  • Broad patents

Andrew's Definition Key

  • Diversely-held Complementary Inputs = different firms possesing patents that are complementary
  • Multiple Overlapping Blocking Patents = many overlapping patents on the same product
  • Based on Infringement = (lack of clear definition of patents, broad patents, questionable patents)
  • References Shapiro, Quotes Shapiro, References Heller/Eisenberg, Quotes Heller/Eisenberg
  • Strategic Value
  • Fees or Royalties = Extraction of Fees and/or Royalties