Martin O'Malley (Immigration)

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O'Malley's Immigration (section page)

Comprehensive Reform

  • Immediately extend executive action to protect at least 9 million immigrants from deportation (MOW-5)
  • Provide deferred action to the greatest possible number of immigrants (MOW-IR)
  • Grant broad waivers to the three- or ten-year bar and work with Congress to achieve a permanent repeal (MOW-IR)
  • Expand parole-in-place to benefit all spouses, children, and parents of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (MOW-IR)
  • Undertake significant outreach and educational programs to promote naturalization (MOW-IR)
  • Rescind the regulations restricting health care for deferred action recipients (MOW-IR)
  • Limit detention to only those who pose a clear threat to public safety (MOW-IR)
  • Close inhumane detention facilities (MOW-IR)
  • Expand due process protections in the detention and immigration system (MOW-IR)
  • Prevent racial and religious profiling (MOW-IR)
  • Disentangle public safety and local law enforcement from immigration enforcement (MOW-IR)
  • Ensure a secure border through the strategic use of personnel and technology, extensive training and support for immigration officers, and policies that address the root causes of migration (MOW-IR)
  • Focus on priority cases that advance national security, address violent crime or financial fraud, and protect the most vulnerable members of society (MOW-IR)