Marco Rubio (Monetary Policy)

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Rubio's's Monetary Policy (section page):


"Sound monetary policy would also encourage middle class job creation. The arbitrary way in which interest rates and our currency are treated is yet another cause of unpredictability injected into our economy. The Federal Reserve Board should publish and follow a clear monetary rule -- to provide greater stability about prices and what the value of a dollar will be over time." (TA)

Audit The Federal Reserve

"I am proud to support a bill, just like I have every year since joining the Senate, that would require an audit of the Fed and allow Congress to examine its activities like they do other government institutions." (MRWAF)

On The Federal Reserve's Power

"the Fed has taken an outsized role in the American economy, purchasing over $4 trillion in bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and other assets. Its balance sheet is now larger than the GDP of Germany. This overreach has created an unhealthy, Fed-centric economy that leaves businesses and investors hanging on the arbitrary, unpredictable decisions of a few central bankers. Unwinding the current situation, as everyone knows is necessary, will come with even more new risks." (MRWAF)