Listing Page Classifier Progress

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This page records the progress on the Listing Page Classifier Project

Progress Log


Assigned Tasks:

  • Build a site map generator: output every internal links of input websites
  • Build a generator that captures screenshot of individual web pages
  • Build a CNN classifier using Python and TensorFlow

Suggested Approaches:

  • beautifulsoup Python package. Articles for future reference:
  • selenium Python package

work on site map first, wrote the web scrape script


Site map:

  • Some href may not include home_page url : e.g. /careers
  • Updated (having issues with identifying internal links does not start with "/") <- will work on this part tomorrow


Site map:

  • Solved the second bullet point from yesterday
  • Recursion to get internal links from a page causing HTTPerror on some websites (should set up a depth constraint- WILL WORK ON THIS TOMORROW )


Site map:

  • Find similar work done for mcnair project
  • Clean up my own code + figure out the depth constraint


Site map (BFS approach is DONE):

  • Test run couple sites to see if there are edge cases that I missed
  • Implement the BFS code: try to output the result in a txt file
  • Will work on DFS approach next week


Site map:

  • Work on DFS approach (stuck on the anchor tag, will work on this part tomorrow)
  • Suggestion: may be able to improve the performance by using queue


  • Something went wrong with my DFS algorithm (keep outputting None as result), will continue working on this tomorrow


  • Finished DFS method
  • Compare two methods: DFS is 2 - 6 seconds faster, theoretically, both methods should take O(n)
  • Test run several websites


Screenshot tool:

  • Selenium package reference of using selenium package to generate full page screenshot
  • Set up the script that can capture the partial screen shot of a website, will work on how to get a full screen shot next week
    • Downloaded the Chromedriver for Win32


Screenshot tool:

  • Implement the screenshot tool
    • can capture the full screen
    • avoids scroll bar
  • will work on generating png file name automatically tomorrow


  • Documentation on wiki


  • Documentation on wiki
  • Implemented the screenshot tool:
    • read input from text file
    • auto-name png file

(still need to test run the code)


  • test run screenshot tool
    • can’t take full screenshot of some websites
    • WebDriverException: invalid session id occurred during the iteration (solved it by not closing the driver each time)
  • test run site map
    • BFS takes much more time than DFS when depth is big (will look into this later)


  • Trying to figure out why full screenshot not work for some websites:
    • e.g.
    • get the scroll height before running headless browsers (Nope, doesn’t work)
    • try out a different package ‘splinter’


  • Implement new screenshot tool (splinter package):
    • Reading all text files from one directory, and take screenshot of each url from individual text files in that directory
    • Filename modification (e.g. test7z_0i96__.png, autogenerates file name)
    • Documentation on wiki


  • Documentation on wiki
  • went back to the time complexity issue with BFS and DFS
    • DFS algorithm has flaws!! (it does not visit all nodes, this is why DFS is much faster)
    • need to look into the problem with the DFS tomorrow


Site map:

  • the recursive DFS will not work in this type of problem, and if we rewrite it in an iterative way, it will be similar to the BFS approach. So, I decided to only keep the BFS since the BFS is working just fine.
  • Implement the BFS algorithm: trying out deque etc. to see if it runs faster


  • Image processing work assigned
  • Documentation on wiki


Image Processing:

  • Research on 3 packages for setting up CNN
    • Comparison between the 3 packages:
      • Scikit: good for small dataset, easy to use. Does not support GPU computation
      • Pytorch: Coding is easy, so it has a flatter learning curve, Supports dynamic graphs so you can adjust on-the-go, Supports GPU acceleration.
      • TensorFlow: Flexibility, Contains several ready-to-use ML models and ready-to-run application packages, Scalability with hardware and software, Large online community, Supports only NVIDIA GPUs, A slightly steep learning curve
  • Initiate the idea of data preprocessing: create proper input dataset for the CNN model


  • Work on data preprocessing


  • Keep working on data preprocessing
  • Generate screenshot



  • fix the screenshot tool by switching to Firefox
  • Data preprocessing


  • Finish image data preprocessing


  • Set up initial CNN model using Keras
    • issue: Keras freezes on last batch of first epoch, make sure the following:
steps_per_epoch = number of train samples//batch_size
validation_steps = number of validation samples//batch_size


  • Implement the CNN model
  • Work on some changes in the data preprocessing part (image data)
    • place class label in image filename


  • Correct some out-of-date data in The File to Rule Them ALL.csv, new file saved as The File to Rule Them ALL_NEW.csv
  • implement and sitmap tool
    • regenerate dataset using updated data and tool


  • implementation on CNN
  • Some problems to consider:
    • some websites have more than 1 cohort page: a list of cohorts for each year
    • class label is highly imbalanced:


  • have to go back with the old plan of separating image data :(
  • documentation on wiki
  • test run on the GPU server