Komal Agarwal (Work Log)

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Komal Agarwal Work Logs (log page)

20160318 12:00 wiki pages, center presentations

20160318 5:00 working with Harsh on matching coding

20160316 12:00 wiki pages

20160316 5:00 wiki pages, working with team on compiling ecosystem data

20160314 12:00 wiki pages

20160314 5:00 wiki pages for startup accelerators

20160311 12:00 team meeting, coordinate with team on working on benchmarking accelerators, planning wiki pages based on our data

20160311 5:00 compiling pages onto the wiki

20160309 12:00 map icons

20160309 5:00 finished creating lists of startups at benchmarking accelerators

20160226 12:00 map icons

20160226 5:00 finished compiling list of icon ideas

20160224 12:00 map information

20160224 5:00 map information, designing map icons

20160222 12:00 map information

20160222 5:00 finished: startup blink information compilation (see: "StartupBlink Map Listed Houston Startups" in Drive) and Houston Startups list compilation (see: "Komal—Houston Startups List" in Google drive), assigned roles to team members

20160219 12:00 compiling map information

20160219 5:00 compiling list of Houston startups through online maps of the startup scene in Houston, continue working on map information document

20160217 12:00 work on compiling map information excel sheet

20160217 5:00 researched startup maps to benchmark against, compiled information on map document, researched entrepreneurship-related organizations, meetups, communities, etc.

20160215 12:00 compile list of questions and deliverables for Houston ecosystem project, meeting with Ed and team to define project goals

20160212 12:00 add time sheet to Wiki, Houston Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Accelerator Research, coordinated brainstorming meeting with team on further defining the project goals