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Using Julia on the RDP

1) Open the start menu and search for "Atom"

2) If you plan on using Julia frequently, right click on Atom and select "Pin to Taskbar"

3) Open the Atom application

4) In the top left corner scroll over File and Select New File

5) Scroll over File again and select Save As

6) Save your file name as yourfilename.jl so that the editor recognizes that your file is being written in the Julia language and can provide syntax correction appropriately.

7) In order to assure that you've done everything correctly up until this point, you can set up a dummy program to test. Type println("Hello World") on the first line of your file in Atom and save.

8) Now open the Windows PowerShell. CD into the directory that your Julia file is saved in (Mine was C:\Users\ChristyW\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.15.0

9) Type the command $julia yourfilename.jl

10) Hello World should print in the terminal.

11) Write your Julia script! Julia is documented at https://docs.julialang.org/en/stable/