Jeb Bush (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

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Bush's Entrepreneurship and Innovation (section page)

GOP Debate Quotes

  • "Simplifying the code and lowering rates, both for corporations and -- and personal rates, is exactly what we need to do. You think about the regulatory cost and the tax cost -- that's why small businesses are closing, rather than being formed in our country right now." (RD3)
  • "And make sure you enhance savings in the private market. The idea of 401(k)s. I have a small business that I set up. It took -- it took an arm and a leg to be able to set up a 401(k). Because of all the federal mandates and federal laws, it was too expensive." (RD3)
  • "And if we're serious about being serious about high growth, then we have to recognize that small businesses right now, more of them are closing than -- than are -- than are being set up." (RD4)

Promote Innovation in Health Care

"Health care costs grow faster than any other sector of the economy and innovation lags. Why? Washington over-regulation in health care creates high barriers to entry, adds excessive costs, fosters excessive complexity and impedes innovation. Governor Bush will:

Modernize the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory morass and increase funding and accountability at the National Institutes of Health Promote private sector leadership of health information technology adoption and enable better access to patient de-identified Medicare and Medicaid claims data Establish a comprehensive review of regulatory barriers to health innovation" (JBWHP)

Entitlement Reform

Implement bipartisan Medicare premium support. Under current law, seniors in Medicare can choose the traditional option (called fee-for-service) or private health plan options (called Medicare Advantage). However, politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists – not doctors, patients and innovators – decide how much government pays for those benefits. Under this proposal, private health care plans (like Humana and Kaiser), other innovators and traditional Medicare will compete on the best price to offer Medicare benefits to seniors. Seniors’ premium support will be based on the average of those prices – and be 6 percent lower on average. Competition will make spending more efficient, and seniors could pay less and have more options. (JBWER)

Innovation in Energy Sector

Reduce Overregulation

"Perhaps worse, such regulation saps America’s dynamism. We have, thus far, benefited from the Energy Revolution simply because Washington did not have time to quash it, but we will never know how many other innovations have been lost due to overregulation."(JBWE)

Sustaining Growth

"Once achieved, the nation must maintain higher growth with energy policies that continue to increase jobs and lower costs over the long-term. In the coming months, I will release additional proposals that will complement our status as an energy superpower by revitalizing our position as the superpower of energy innovation." (JBWE)

"For instance, we can further accelerate the discovery of game-changing technologies by boosting funding for high-priority basic research and increasing the effectiveness of our national labs. The private sector often underfunds energy research that could greatly benefit society. Government can correct that. My record and experience in Florida shows how world-class research contributes to jobs and technological advances that can improve everyone’s quality of life. "(JBWE)

Remove Barriers to Innovation in the Tech Industry

"As part of this national effort to improve cybersecurity, the government must not be an obstacle to innovation in the tech industry. The government’s power to incentivize and empower must take precedence over its predilection to regulate and constrain. Because cyberthreats are always evolving, effective cybersecurity requires continuous innovation, which a flourishing tech industry provides." (JBWCS)

"We need to transform immigration into an economically-driven system that retains and brings in highly-skilled immigrants. Such a system would help create startups and increase innovation. We must lower business taxes to encourage investment and hiring in the United States." (JBWCS)

"The Internet and innovation from the tech industry have enormous potential to help address public policy challenges. For example, digital connections between power plants, transformers, substations, and transmission lines allow for better management of the electric grid. With such networks, utilities are better able to anticipate, avoid, or respond to power outages." (JBWCS)

"The Internet is one of the greatest innovations in history and has led to unrivaled opportunity and a great leveling of the playing field for all. I will be a President who works to actually bring people together from both sides of the aisle, as well as the public and private domains, to better address the very real threats confronting this critical global resource." (JBWCS)

Education Reform

"Give states the flexibility & resources to create great public schools and allow states to expand choice for disadvantaged students and students with disabilities. And rather than tell states and schools what to do, Governor Bush will reward low-income and high needs schools who improve student outcomes with additional dollars. The federal government cannot run or fix schools from Washington, but it can make it easier for families, educators, entrepreneurs, districts and states to do so." (JBWER)