Jake Silberman (Research Plan)

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Jake Silberman Research Plans Plan Page

Leveraged Buyout Innovation (Academic Paper)

  • Finalize Hazard Model
    • Determine best regression model (Cox or something else that makes more assumptions)
    • Determine finalized variable set
    • Predict based on model
  • Match LBO and non LBO companies based on hazard model predictions
    • Generate buckets, i.e. break down by industry, decade, etc...
    • Determine metric for matching
  • Integrate new patent data
    • Create stocks of patents
    • Add in patent assignment data
  • Analysis of control group and study group for first results
    • Refine matching if necessary
    • Test for endogeneity/other issues
  • Lit review for variables
    • Revise preexisting regression variable write-up and reformat it to appropriate academic paper form

Venture Capital (Data)

  • Do final correct pull of SDC Data (just include IPOS)
  • Clean data, throwing out duplicate names and only take most recently invested one
  • Rank cities by venture capital on different metrics, either in SQL or Excel
  • Write up issue brief