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Clinton's Trade (section page):

Trade Agreements

  • Chief advocate for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
    • Clinton supported deals with Oman, Chile and Singapore during her tenure in the Senate. As secretary of State, she was a chief advocate as talks commenced surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the largest worldwide deals in recent history. (OTI)
    • TPP agreement creates more growth and better growth. (Source: Megan R. Wilson in TheHill.com weblog, "Clinton vs. Warren" , Aug 24, 2014) (OTI)
  • Global trading system isn't up to standards of fairness
    • "The current global trading system is distorted not only by barriers to entry in developing and emerging economies, but by the power of special interests in developed countries, including the US. To make trade fairer as well as freer, developing countries have to do a better job of improving productivity, raising labor conditions, and protecting the environment. In the US, we have to do a better job of providing good jobs to those displaced by trade." (OTI)
  • China benefits from WTO and should play by WTO rules (Source: Hard Choices, by Hillary Clinton, p.513 , Jun 10, 2014) (OTI)
    • "We should focus on ending currency manipulation, environmental destruction and miserable working conditions [in China]. I acknowledge the challenge of lifting millions of people out of poverty. China argued this outweighed any obligation to play by established rules. I countered that China and other emerging economies had benefited greatly from the system the US had helped create, including their membership in the World Trade Organization, and now they needed to take their share of responsibility." (OTI)
  • "The Greek crisis as well as the Chinese stock market have reminded us that growth here at home and growth an ocean away are linked in a common global economy. Trade has been a major driver of the economy over recent decades, but it has also contributed to hollowing out our manufacturing base and many hard-working communities. So we do need to set a high bar for trade agreements. We should support them if they create jobs, raise wages, and advance our national security. And we should be prepared to walk away if they don't." (The International Economy)

"TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements" - Hillary Clinton 2012 (PF) "It was just finally negotiated last week, and in looking at it, it didn't meet my standards." Hillary Clinton 2015 (PF)